League of legends players only playing on these accounts until they get hard stuck or lose too many games. If this happens they just move on to the next account and forget about the original one to start smurfing and ranking up.

Being stuck in the same place is not a uncommon phenomenon for many players. Based on studies up to 84% of players on league of legends have been ranked in the same spot for long periods of time. Most of the time its not even their abilities that keep them stuck there but rather how the ranking ELO is set up. This is what leads them to put the Gonext theory into action and needing fresh unranked level 30 smurfs.

HOW TO: first level an unranked smurf account to level 30 to access the Ranked matches. Average players can take upwards of 2 weeks to pull this off which many people do not have the time to do

Good news:
there are plenty of sites that offer cheap unranked high quality league of legends smurfs with fresh mmr which have never played ranked in previous seasons. Personally I think the trade of 2 weeks of my time being saved for $5 extremely worth it.

Now its time to try out the GoNext Technique for yourself and let me know about your experiences!