Smurfs, unranked accounts, fresh mmr unverified smurfs or gonext gameplay…
All things you may have heard of in your time playing League of Legends but do you know where this way of playing originated from?

The playing style of players “Smurfing” on league of legends comes from way back in the year 1996 on the game Warcraft II when some of the worlds best players created new profiles and played intentionally poor to be placed in a lower bracket of skill, then they proceeded to play at their full potential and dominated the poor noobies. The reason the term “Smurfing” came to fruition is because the profile names they chose were:
PapaSmurf & Smurfette.

This style of play became so iconic and influential that it transcended the lines of specific games and is now extremely prevalent on League of legends.

You now see some of the top pro league of legends players and streamers do this on a daily basis but unfortunately to do this in rank play on league of legends you need to get level 30 which can take the better part of two weeks which is not something a lot of people want to do. You can read about this in my next blog post about the GONEXT theory where I go further into detail.

Smurfing is very popular in all regions but you tend to hear a lot more about smurfs in the Europe West region due to the difference between the new players and the top players. The skill gap is extremely large which is expected since the best SoloQ league of legends players all reside in this region.


Maybe you already know all of the history and just want to skip all the mumbo jumbo and want to jump right into the fun part which is rank play! Feel free to do so here –