As discussed in the other post about how to enjoy the game more “Smurfing” and why buying league accounts is gaining more and more popularity because of the amount of time saved vs how much it costs to buy lol accounts along with many other reasons.

Lets touch on the time saved aspect, to achieve level 30 in league of legends you must gain a total experience of just over 37,300.
The average amount of experience per game is about 200, based on this it is just under 190 games to reach level 30. For the sake of covering all
all levels of skill I will generously do the math based on games ending before the 20 minute mark.

190 games with the duration of 20 minutes each would be a grand total of 3800 minutes or 63 hours of gameplay. (Keep in mind this is
not including things like queue times and champion selection)

63 hours is the better part of 3 days straight of play time so people with 9am to 5pm jobs who can play a total of 4 hours of league of
legends a day would be looking at almost 16 days or 2 and a half weeks before reaching level 30.

It is safe to say majority of league of legends players are most enjoying themselves while playing ranked play and getting the most
rewards for their playtime and if you could skip all of that for what seems like a higher of the spectrum but what I believe is
still reasonable price of $10 would you not take that option?

Based on where most league of legends players are from being first world countries that is at most 2 hours of work in a minimum wage job.

Realistically these are the two options.. 63-64 hours of gameplay at the minimum or $10, I am taking the later option 10/10 times.

Although I am making some estimates in both the time it takes to get to level 30 and what two options you realistically have to obtain
an account with level 30 ready for ranked play even if you are against the idea of playing against smurfs and people who purchased their
accounts do you really blame them?