We talked to a few new League of Legends players who are also avid gamers in all genres of gaming from FPS to MMORPG’s and the main thing holding them off from having league of legends being in their commonly played games is it all seemed very daunting

To put it in perspective for those of you who play league of legends day to day this is how I have decided to break it down:
Fps shooters have a very simple goal being to more often than not get good aim and you will eventually learn the rest.
Mmorpgs are usually a slower less intense gameplay than fps shooters and you learn them by just traveling around landscape and talking to Npcs.
Legends of Legends is far different than the rest for a multitude of reasons which are both a blessing and a curse.

For starters league of legends has a very intense learning curve when it comes to memorizing not only the abilities of the players champion but nearly every other champion in the game due to the extreme importance of dodging their unique abilities whether that’s a stun or their range which all differs from champion to champion.

As of June 6th 2020 there is 148 champions in the game and that alone is quite a daunting thing to memorize just to get your first few games under wraps. Imagine you got insanely lucky and it only took you the bare minimum of games to play against every champion in the game that would be a grand total of ~30 games. Imagine if at a bare minimum each game took 20 minutes (which at lower skill levels we all know it takes closer to 30 minutes) thats about 600 minutes of game play or 10 hours of INGAME time. Since we know there is closer to a handful of characters more commonly played lets cut that in half as if we are just getting a base understanding of the game. That is still a lot of time. So maybe next time your friend is apprehensive about joining the community right away you will understand from their point of view a bit more.

Although it all seems extremely intense learning not only the champions but the time based objectives of the game as well I promise it does get better and we will cover all of that in other blog posts but as you get frustrated just remember it does take time to learn anything and it does get better just keep on playing!